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Free MP3 Platform Dedicated to Hypnosis

Health, Quality of Life and Human Evolution...

Hypnosis sessions are divided into three categories : "Health", "Quality of Life" and "Human Evolution". To access the different categories, click on the menu below. You can also suggest a topic for an upcoming recording.

Some inductions are already translated (and you can help us to translate new MP3 from French to English or another language!). You recognize the translated MP3 by their English title, below.
Be sure to check back with us frequently, as we will be adding new translations regularly!

Quality of Life

How to use these MP3s
We recommend that you listen to these hypnosis recordings using headphones, your eyes closed. Find a quite place, either sitting or lying down, and choose a time when you are not likely to be interrupted. The length of each recording is displayed for your convenience.

You can listen to the hypnosis sessions as often as you want. However, you do not want to lose the effect of the MP3 by having listened to it too much. Once a day is generally sufficient the first week. Then listen to your session whenever the mood hits you! The thought of it is a signal from your unconscious mind that it needs some attention (just like when you are hungry or thirsty).

Once you understand the principle, you will no longer need to listen to these sessions, and you practice self-hypnosis on your own simply by finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down while listening to the music of your choice. Your unconscious mind will do the rest automatically since it already “knows the way”.

Each topic is treated from a holistic, global standpoint in such a manner that a recording to boost your immune system may very well help you increase your resistance (in a positive sense) to certain persons or problems in your life. As such, it is important to view each one from a broader perspective. For instance, working on your immune system means, from a psychological point of view, to work on your personal protection. In other words, you will strengthen your resistance and better be able to defend yourself against any external “aggressors“, whether they are in your relationships, at work, or your environment.

Below are the most common requests we have received:

By interpreting each topic in the broadest sense, you will find what you are looking for among the inductions we have already recorded while waiting for the arrival of new inductions.

Do you want to:

- Learn how to do hypnosis?

Then listen to "Contact Your Unconscious Mind", "Self-Hypnosis" or, for the humanist approach, "Expansion of Consciousness".

- Experience greater joy and satisfaction in life?

Listen to the "Self-Anchor" recording, or maybe the one about Stress, "Self-Confidence", the one on "Anxiety"... while waiting for the MP3 on "Self-Esteem".

- Improve your finances or your relationship with money?

Listen to the recording "Creator of Reality"... while waiting for the one on "Succeed in Life" (money often being considered as the indicator of the realization of a dream, a consequence).

- Find your true path or purpose in life?

Listen to "Succeed in Life" as it becomes available.

- Improve your "luck" or your ability to attract more positive circumstances?

Then you need to listen to "Develop Your Intuition" in a next MP3 on the principle of serendipity.

- Boost your energy levels?

Check out "Reinforce your Immune System" (1 and 2) as well as "Expansion of Consciousness"!

- Connect with your true Self or discover who you really are?

In that case, listen to "Reinforce your Immune System" (1 and 2) as well as "Self-Confidence".